Osteopathy is a non invasive manual therapy that focuses on the whole body in order to promote health. The animal body has all the elements necessary to its well-being. However, sometimes dysfunctions may occur due to some external causes. The role of the osteopath is to work on these dysfunctions so the body can continue to maintain health. We want the body to lean towards homeostasis, and we give it the tools to do so. All bodily systems (from skeletal to visceral) function together and affect one another. This is why I work on all of them in order to avoid future problems.

A session usually starts by a palpation of the animal. This is done by running my hands along its body in order to get more information, such as heat, coldness, swelling and asymmetry.
Then I observe how your pet stands and moves before doing some testings. Testings allow me to assess the quality and quantity of movement of different areas of the body. This is in order to detect where the dysfunctions are and how they relate to one another.
Once this is done I can start the manipulations of those dysfunctions. Manipulations are gentle and can be done on joints, muscles and organs. This part can also involve cranial work, massage and stretching.

As a member of the IAAT (International Association of Animal Therapists) I am recognised by all major pet insurances.